WordPress maintenance and hosting experts

Fix My WP Site experts can fully maintain and manage your WordPress website. Our maintenance plans include unlimited website changes and revisions, managed web hosting, website and plugin updates, full security, and 24/7 expert support. We can manage all WordPress and WooCommerce plugins and themes.

Why Fix My WordPress Site?

Unlimited WordPress & WooCommerce support

We fix all WordPress issues and make your site run well. We are available 24/7 and you can contact us via ticket, live-chat or phone.

Unlimited Tasks & Fixes

Request unlimited website fixes and website revisions from our technicians. We do the jobs that are too small for your developer.

Managed updates

We keep your WordPress website, themes and plugins up to date. We stage updates first before putting them live.

Premium WordPress hosting

Premium managed hosting on global cloud providers is included. Up to 30GB NvME space included by default and we can also offer dedicated servers on request.

24/7 engineer monitoring

Fixed.net experts are constantly monitoring your site: automatically alerted when issues occur, and ensuring optimal performance and security.

Hardened security

Multiple lines of defence for security. Manual updates and patching, twice daily scans against our custom malware database, and some of the best sysadmins in the industry.

No minimum contract

All our plans are instant setup, and rolling monthly with no cancellation notices required. We are so confident in our services, that we will even refund you if you aren’t happy.

SSL certificates

All websites we host have an SSL certificate included to keep your website secure for you and your customers.

Unlimited emails

We provide a business-class email service. Unlimited email accounts, with online webmail and easy connection to any desktop or phone mail client.

Backups kept forever

We keep at least two backups per day and store those backups offsite. We keep those backups for as long as you have a subscription with us.

Malware scanning

We scan your website for signs of malware or attack twice a day. We compare your files to our database or malware signatures for any positive matches.

Emergency response

Our maintenance team are alerted when any reports for new plugin vulnerabilities are released and immediately move to patch sites when one is announced.

Here are some common examples of WordPress tasks we can do for you.

Fix a hacked site
If your site has been defaced by a malicious third party, it is important to not only clean the infection but to stop it from happening again. We’ll remove the source of the problem, add some protection to your site, and set you up with our backups to add another line of defence in future.

WordPress Migration
Need your site moved? We’ll handle it for you, ensuring 100% uptime and consistency of data. We can even help you to change DNS and preview your site before it goes live in the new location.

Speed up a WordPress Site
A slow site forces customers elsewhere. There are optimisations we can make that reduce loading times, for example by caching data to stop a site being. This can cut the bounce rate on your website and improves the experience for your visitors.

Regular Updates
WordPress must be updated along with all plugins and themes. Updates can cause conflicts or errors or may clash with web server settings such as PHP versions. We’ll take care of this all for you.

Proactive Monitoring
Our advanced monitoring system will automatically run checks to ensure sites are working as they should. Should downtime be detected, a task will be auto-generated and an expert will begin investigating the issue immediately. Only available on a maintenance plan.

Other common requests include:
• Fix the white screen of death
• Configure a WordPress Plugin
• Setup DNS Records
• Setup website caching
• Fix a WordPress Database connection error
• Contact form issues
• Fix PHP Errors
• Tweak CSS

Questions? Our support team work 24/7 and able to answer any questions you may have.

Why choose Fix My WP Site
for your WordPress maintenance
and support?

Because we offer non-stop 24/7 support, we can work on most issues immediately (and continuously) until they are finished.

For more involved tasks which may require ongoing correspondence with you or a third party, we may tie it to one team member to ensure one person works on an issue, or assign it to others if that team member finishes their shift. Our aim is to provide you with the best service we can as a long-term partner.

Simple & clear fixed pricing

Don’t let issues occur in the future.
Choose a WordPress Maintenance and Support plan.


What logins do I need to provide?

We require your current web hosting and WordPress admin logins. We can help you gather them if you do not know them. Alternatively you can put us in touch with your web developer or previous maintenance agency.

How can I give you my logins safely?

You can provide your logins through our secure online system. This encrypts all the logins you enter, and our lets fixed team members decrypt them when working on your site. You have a full log and the ability to clear stored logins.

Will you ensure my site is up to date?

If you are running software that is out of date, we will bring it all up to date. We do this in a staging environment to ensure it does not break anything.

Do you audit my site?

We do a full audit of every site that moves to us, noting how it works so that we can fix things should they go wrong. See our audit process

Do you setup backups?

We take twice-daily backups of every site we maintain. That means we can roll back sites as needed. On our Care plan we store these for 30 days. On our Unlimited plan, we store backups forever.

Requesting Tasks

Can I request multiple tasks at once?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of tasks that can be requested. If there are multiple tasks for one website we may triage them so that work does not overlap.

How do I know how many tasks I need?

In general, one task is something that can take us up to two hours. But please ask us for any clarifications – we’re always available.

Can custom tasks be requested?

Yes. As long as the work doesn’t involve custom design or development, and can be done in under two hours, we should be able to do it.


How long are my backups kept for?

As long as you keep your subscription with us, we’ll never delete your backups. The backups we take are incremental, which means we only need to store the changes you make, so it’s really efficient. We keep 2 daily snapshots for 30 days, then one copy each week.

What is backed up?

FMWPS is a website support service and can be used for backing up websites. Our backup system cannot be used for backing up file storage and/or videos. We also automatically block backups of common log and cache files. Of course, illegal content is strictly prohibited.


Is there a minimum subscription period?

There is no minimum subscription period. Payments are made for the period of subscription and can be cancelled at any time leading up to the renewal date. We do not refund for early cancellation.

What happeneds if I am unhappy with the service?

Customer satisfaction is important to us. Under our money back guarantee, we’ll refund you if you aren’t happy with our service.

Web Hosting

What type of web hosting is included?

We offer fast, reliable and fully managed web hosting, inclusive of all our site maintenance plans. Our hosting comes with the cPanel control panel, which lets you self-manage your hosting and also offers unlimited email accounts.

Can you deploy to cloud hosting?

We have the ability to deploy your site to Google Cloud Plaform, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean and provide dedicated environments.

Can I use your hosting without a maintenance plan?

No, we offer an very high level of management and maintenance to every customer. This is built into our server setup and monitoring. This is not standard hosting.

Can I use your hosting without a maintenance plan?

No, we offer an very high level of management and maintenance to every customer. This is built into our server setup and monitoring. This is not standard hosting.