Don’t worry about your WordPress security.
Ever. Again.

We are experts in cleaning, securing, fixing and maintaining WordPress websites.

✅ We quickly clean hacked WordPress websites.
✅ WordPress security audits and defences.
✅ Ongoing WordPress protection
✅ Enterprise-level 24/7 WordPress security

We charge a one-off $99 to cleanup a hack on any WordPress site, or can provide complete maintenance and security on our maintenance plans. We start immediately.

How Fix My WordPress Site fixes hacked websites

We securely take a copy of your website files and database and compare them to our own list of known malware signatures (over 15 million). This feeds back to our engineers who then remove any infections. We then resolve the root cause and can help with after-effects of the malware such as requesting a Google reindex.

1. Request a service order

Add your task to our system through our simple process. Our WordPress experts will help you.

3. Results Guaranteed

We will work on your website and let you know once we are complete. You can communicate with us in our purpose built system.

Use us for a one-time cleanup, or let us take complete care of your WordPress security, hosting and maintenance.

One-off WordPress Cleanup

Our WordPress malware cleans are a one-time clean up and secure of your WordPress website. We take a full copy of your website and run it through our own malware signature database. We remove the malware infection and hack from your site and in almost all cases can point out and fix the root cause.

We will give advice on what to change. If your site is hacked again from the same cause you can come back to us.

Total WordPress Security

In addition to an included initial scan and clean up (if required), our maintenance plans come with all of the following WordPress security features:

• We keep your WordPress website up to date and patched, as well as all plugins and themes.
• We scan the website twice per day for any vulnerabilities or unexpected changes.
• We immediately patch against zero-day vulnerabilities and new alerts.
• We manage software for protecting against common exploits and security attacks, including issues like spam.
• Our engineers are available 24/7 to advise on security issues.

This is in additional all other hosting and maintenance benefits of our maintenance plans.

Simple & clear fixed pricing

Hack Causes

What logins do I need to provide?

We require your current web hosting and WordPress admin logins. We can help you gather them if you do not know them. Alternatively you can put us in touch with your web developer or previous maintenance agency.

How can I give you my logins safely?

You can provide your logins through our secure online system. This encrypts all the logins you enter, and our lets fixed team members decrypt them when working on your site. You have a full log and the ability to clear stored logins.

Will you ensure my site is up to date?

If you are running software that is out of date, we will bring it all up to date. We do this in a staging environment to ensure it does not break anything.

Do you audit my site?

We do a full audit of every site that moves to us, noting how it works so that we can fix things should they go wrong. See our audit process

Do you setup backups?

We take twice-daily backups of every site we maintain. That means we can roll back sites as needed. On our Care plan we store these for 30 days. On our Unlimited plan, we store backups forever.

About Fix My WP Site

Can I request multiple tasks at once?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of tasks that can be requested. If there are multiple tasks for one website we may triage them so that work does not overlap.

How do I know how many tasks I need?

In general, one task is something that can take us up to two hours. But please ask us for any clarifications – we’re always available.

Can custom tasks be requested?

Yes. As long as the work doesn’t involve custom design or development, and can be done in under two hours, we should be able to do it.

Cleanup Process

How long are my backups kept for?

As long as you keep your subscription with us, we’ll never delete your backups. The backups we take are incremental, which means we only need to store the changes you make, so it’s really efficient. We keep 2 daily snapshots for 30 days, then one copy each week.

What is backed up?

FMWPS is a website support service and can be used for backing up websites. Our backup system cannot be used for backing up file storage and/or videos. We also automatically block backups of common log and cache files. Of course, illegal content is strictly prohibited.

We clean many sites a day, and guarantee those fixes. If you are not happy for whatever reason, we will refund you our fee.